Dillon’s Beach, Ca.

IMG_2232 IMG_8005 IMG_8027 IMG_8031 IMG_8035

From the Dillon’s Beach Resort Homepage…
A serene rural setting, anchored at the Pacific mouth of Tomales Bay and overlooking scenic Point Reyes Peninsula, is Dillon Beach. Complete with picturesque dunes, abundant tide pools and enticing surf,
it’s your turn to enjoy long walks on an uncrowded beach and take in unforgettable sunsets and starry nights.
I had my doubts about being able to capture anything because of the heavy fog layer that was present all around.  For about 30 miles up the 101, it was a thick blanket of Marin County Fog.  I saw that Dillon’s Beach was about 13 miles further from where i stopped the car.  I figured that i would take a foggy drive to the beach and scout out the area for another visit.  I was amazed on how the fog seemed to be everywhere around except on Dillon’s Beach!  I grabbed the 2 Canon cameras and walked to the ocean under a beautifully blue sky.  As you can see from my pictures the fog was very thick over most of the Dillon Beach homes.  Seeing the Point Reyes Peninsula on the other side of the Tomales Bay reminds me that i need to make more visits to Point Reyes.  One of my favorite places to visit with the cameras.  These images are available for purchase on our website
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