First attempt with night photography at Rodeo Beach, Ca. 09/03/16

We took a spontaneous trip to Rodeo Beach for a little sunset picnic. As we were enjoying our picnic all bundled up in layers of clothing and blankets the night sky grew darker and darker. I grabbed the camera and tripod and set up on the beach. I have been to this beach before with the cameras but not during sunset. As I’m attempting to take some pictures and work on the adjustments in manual mode I captured these images. Then I see Pat playing with some left over 4th of July sparklers. So naturally I refocus in the general area of where Pat is standing.  He surprised me with a ground firework out of his backpack. Pat then went back to his sparklers and was making his shapes and designs. For my first attempt of night pictures trying to captures movements of fireworks and the night sky I think I did okay.

As we were leaving Rodeo Beach, we felt we might as well checkout the Golden Gate Bridge too. I realized that I will need better lenses in the future and a heavier tripod to withstand the wind blowing around during longer exposure attempts. Once again I think I did okay at the bridge too.

I captured these images in manual mode, RAW and a little Lightroom 5 adjusting.


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