Slow and steady

This morning as I slowly and patiently get things in motion I think of how others are not as fortunate. With hurricane Matthew causing damage in Haiti and on the Florida coast line. For me growing up on the other side of North America in sunny Southern California, seasons and really bad weather are things you see on the news. Sure California has the occasional very destructive earthquakes but it’s not seasonal! Positive thoughts go out to those in need. 

It’s been a couple of days since I have asked you all to click on this gofundme link

Sean is seeking to raise $15,000 at this time to hire a forensic psychiatrist and cover additional attorney fees that are incurring, and helping his sister bring this case to a higher level to show the treatment military members diagnosed with PTSD endure. Any funds that are not used will be donated to either “The Innocent WarriorPproject” or “Defend our Warriors.” 

Per her attorney, I will not include any names, pictures, any information about her branch of service, and specific details of the case.

Please donate what you can to this worthy cause! Please share Sean’s Supporting the forgotten warriors gofundme page with all of your social networks! 

Thank you for the donations and shares of the link so far! 

Thank you,



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