A perfect storm for Friendsgiving

A perfect storm is kind of appropriate in describing 3 high school friends reuniting over a FakeThanksgiving Feast and desserts ( Napa Valley and Sonoma Valley Wines )! A very big THANK YOU to my family and wife for allowing me to have over my friends to catch up on lost time. Home is Southern California for us all. We are within 2 hours of beaches, mountains and Disneyland! Growing up I believe 2 of those locations had travel times closer to 1 hour. Which is why we probably spent equal time at Disneyland or the beach. During our visit we sadly realized that to much time has past between our visits as friends ( 20/25 years ) We made a pact to have better communication! We had to capture the moment with some selfies as well as actual camera pictures! Our last selfie of the night was taken outside because it was actually raining in Southern California! #californiadrought

Such a great night and looking forward to our next visit!

Happy ” real ” Thanksgiving to you all!!!!!!



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