So this happened tonight 

I picked up my slightly out of tune banjo, tuned it up and started to practice! I am actually a little impressed in the muscle / brain and finger memory / reflex! As I was going through some songs, my fingers beginning to hurt as well as my brain, I then realized about 45 minutes had past!  After the friendsgiving feast almost 2 weeks ago, we were talking music. And the memories and some photos of me pickin the banjo came up from the past.

Yup! That was me back in high school when I played the banjo! At that point in time it was about 6 years of practicing / playing!!  Maybe it was more than 6?  

As I have learned in life after high school many things change. Friends come and go because of life getting in the way but I still have the same banjo some 25+ years!!!

Thank you Mom and Dad for making the decision to purchase this fairly expensive banjo which allowed me to be a better player and hopefully will be again soon! 



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